Codifi State Editions

We work where you work. 

Fieldwork doesn't stop at the state border.

We're rolling out Codifi Editions nationwide.


Bringing 'State-of-the-Art' to Your State

The Codifi State Editions are designed to give you everything you need to work in each given state, instantly. Each State Edition has been vetted by leaders in each state's agencies to ensure the paperless technology deployed there can socialize with the way things are done locally. You can rest assured your work will be agency-compliant, secure, offline, and capable of adding value to your work. If your state isn't available yet but you're eager to get started, please get in contact with us. All the states are on our roadmap, but it takes time to build deep relationships with decision-makers and resource managers who will provide the Codifi State Editions with meaningful guidance and authority.

Codifi California

The paperless solution made for archaeologists by archaeologists has come home. Available Fall 2018.


Paperless Potential

Survey, excavation, monitoring. Codifi has you covered, securely delivering complete and compliant California reports, DPR forms and attachments in app.

  • No Internet
  • No Subscriptions
  • No Kidding. 

You do it all, Codifi does too. Start doing paperless archaeology in California today.

The Codifi California Edition has everything cultural resource management professionals need for compliance work in California and more. What's "in the box", so to speak? With Codifi, you can record anything in the field, and produce the DPR forms - in app, including photo logs.

The Complete edition has you covered with full forms output, PG&E monitoring log, photo logs, photo pages, and data export options in meaningful formats for professionals whose archaeology goes way beyond paperwork. Other power-ups are available including USGS Geo-PDF import, barcode scanning and so much more.

“The Codifi team helped Albion eliminate paper forms. This innovation has allowed us to win contracts, expedite and enhance analysis of data, and streamline reporting."



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Clients, projects and supporters