Codifi Caption

Codifi Caption


Codifi Caption is the mobile photo application with fieldwork in mind.

It was designed by photographers and archaeologists to do exactly what you need it to do, no Internet or data plan required. Caption is unique in that it helps you organize your photographs by auto-captioning them based on real world contexts and workflows. Take the guesswork out of organizing, keep your original photos with all the metadata, and know that they are safe and secure.

Caption is the photo-log, reimagined. 

For Fieldwork

Codifi Caption is designed for archaeological and environmental site recording. Organize your team members, projects, and project areas right within the app. Take photographs of sites, features, and artifacts with intelligent captioning and organization.

Photo Pages and Logs

Perhaps the most cost effective feature of caption is its ability to generate photograph logs and pages right within the application, on tablet. In addition to your raw data, including unedited and original photos, you can export a custom photograph log and photograph page for each site, ready for submission to the state or inclusion in your reports. Take the guesswork out of handwriting interpretation - stop doing everything twice - get back to archaeology.


There’s no obligation. You will be the first to know about the exciting features in our roadmap and have the opportunity to try Caption for yourself.