Crush the Field Photo Board 4-Pack

Crush the Field Photo Board 4-Pack


Save $44 off the price of buying each board individually!

This 4-Pack includes:

  • One 4"x6" Photo Board in Inches
  • One 4"x6" Photo Board in Centimeters
  • One 10"x12" Magic Field Photo Board
  • One Codifi Direction Arrow

All photo boards include these features:

  • White balanced gray background for color perfect imaging in a variety of conditions
  • A Scale for measuring artifacts on and off the photo board
  • The 4"x6" photo boards have a convenient hole for a lanyard (Thanks Carl!)

These boards are designed for fieldwork in challenging conditions. They are all constructed of lightweight high-pressure laminate (HPL), are double UV coated and are built to last. They are waterproof and are virtually indestructable.

Take ALL the Photos!