Codifi California

Codifi California

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The only paperless data solution made by archaeologists, for archaeologists has come home to California. Go paperless today. No subscriptions. No servers. No kidding.

Essential version includes:

  • All features work fully offline, just like you do.
  • Record any archaeological features and project information
  • Add any type of media
  • Build publication-grade reports and capture archival-quality photos while you're in the field.
  • View and edit California DPR forms and PG&E Monitoring form
  • Export full resolution PDFs for the California 523a DPR form.

Complete version includes everything from Essential, plus:

  • Export full resolution PDFs of DPR forms, PG&E monitoring form, and 523i-compliant photo logs and photo pages
  • Export all project data and media to any of your trusted apps
  • Low-cost, one-time payment. No subscriptions.
  • Maintenance power-up assures you'll get the next version and all the new forms as we continue to work with agencies, tribes and affiliates statewide.


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Codifi California is the complete solution for doing archaeological fieldwork in the Golden State. Codifi was born here and as a social benefit corporation, we are 100% about helping you go paperless in a responsible, sustainable way. 

With this in mind, we're offering Codifi California in a few flavors.

Essential - Everything you need to get started with paperless. Records anything, and generate the 523A Primary form. Limited to one license per organization on a single device. 

Complete - Generates all the DPR forms, the PG&E CRML monitoring log, and more. This is the flagship. This is your new best friend and your competitive edge.

Educational - We started in education and we've never turned our backs. If you have an .edu address or affiliation, we'll hook you up with Codifi Complete for free. Go do archaeology and tell everyone how paperless rocks.

Codifi Field Crew Pak - Fieldwork is better in teams. The Codifi Field Crew Pak gives you 3 licenses and some mighty powerups.

  • Offline sync. Collect all the data without Internet. Crew Chief Metal Power-Up.
  • Jobs. Empower any team member to hit it. Assign a task (all the photography) or hand over all the prehistoric records. Mix and match, your style. 
  • Check-in/Check-out. Know exactly how your project is going, and what is left to be done before you get back in the truck.

The Codifi California Essential and Complete versions work on iOS 10 and later.

Codifi California Complete comes with a Windows and Mac desktop editor with purchase.