Codifi Paperless Archaeology Paid Internship Program

We are pleased to announce the debut of the Codifi Paperless Solutions Paid Internship Program - San Francisco Bay Area

Internship Description

Codifi Paperless Solutions is a California-based social benefit corporation focused on positively impacting the waste economy and climate change through technology innovation. We’ve started with our passion - archaeology.

We’ve been building a platform for paperless archaeology - the Codifi application -  and over the past year alone, we’ve helped over 40 projects in 8 countries and 11 states go paperless. Our 2018 highlights include the adoption of the Codifi app by the massive HS2 rail project in the UK and by a dozen field-school and public archaeology programs here in the US and abroad.

The demand for a dedicated digital solution for archaeology is growing quickly, and we’re working to meet it. We’re looking for candidates to be a part of the paperless revolution.

Paperless archaeology is both art and science. The Paperless Archaeology internship provides the opportunity for an intern to learn what we’ve learned from working with agencies, tribes, firms, field schools and research projects, along with top technologists and engineers to build tools and applications that solve real world problems for our industry.

The Details

WHEN: 10 Weeks, January 22, 2019 - April 2, 2019
WHERE: San Francisco North Bay + Virtual, Codifi San Rafael Office
WHO: Currently one position available
HOW MUCH?: Compensation is based in part by previous experience, but in every case is competitive with CRM positions in California.

Why an Internship?

We’re looking to change our industry for the better and one key way to do this is to help train ‘data stewards’ who will evangelize best practices in caring for the digital archaeological record.

The Paperless Archaeology internship is born from our desire to make a real difference. We have found that the main barrier to paperless adoption is a lack of knowledge on how to go paperless responsibly and sustainably. And it cuts both ways. We’ve found that it takes archaeologists to build excellent archaeological software.

Paperless archaeology requires specialized skills and determination, and that’s what this internship is all about.

What you will learn and do

Founded 2014, Codifi remains a lean startup. Everyone on our small team contributes, and we all learn from each other daily.

We try our best to be non-hierarchical as an organization. In your role as Paperless Archaeology Intern, you will work intricately with our team, learning and contributing as you go.

You will…

  • Work as a liaison between and support active projects and clients, and our team of archaeologists and developers worldwide.

  • Become ‘one’ with the Codifi application, learning it to a high degree of fluency.

  • Learn data forensics and digital archaeology, applying similar concepts from field archaeology to project data sets.

  • Help design and implement impactful training programs and materials.

  • Learn and improve the Codifi data model and platform.

  • Lead and participate in user experience testing and fieldwork exercises.

  • Build, test, and deploy field solutions (hardware, software, configurations).

  • Research, learn and translate Office of State Historic Preservation and other agency requirements and forms into the Codifi system for up to 8 states - California, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, Washington.

  • Participate in and represent paperless archaeology at key meetings and events.

Learning Contract

For over 20 years (!) Codifi team members have been involved in teaching digital archaeology in academic, non-profit, field-school and vocational settings. We’ll set up a formal learning contract that spells out the learning goals, how they will be achieved, and how they will be measured in terms of

  • Transferable skill objectives

  • Personal development objectives

  • Career development objectives

All participants will be given certificates of completion of the program

Requirements and Prerequisites

The most important requirement is a strong desire to learn new things and apply newfound skills to real world situations. But, we’d also like you to consider

This is a Bay Area position, and requires the intern to work in the Codifi San Rafael office at least two days a week.

  • Knowledge of the history, archaeology, and ethnography, especially of California

  • An understanding of Section 106, CEQA, and California archaeological requirements

  • Strong writing and organizational skills

  • Problem-solving skills, particularly when working with multiple organizations or diverse personalities

  • Ability to work collaboratively as well as independently

  • Some experience with databases, spreadsheets, and working with data

  • Fieldwork experience

  • Self-motivated, detail-oriented

  • Experience with databases, Excel, GIS is helpful

  • Willing and eager to do actual fieldwork (survey, excavation, monitoring)

Applicants must have basic experience with archaeological concepts and preferably experience working on archaeological projects. Most of all, a successful applicant must have an interest in current archaeological practices and a desire to help bring these practices fully into the 21st century with the latest digital and paperless capabilities.

Compensation and Benefits

The Paperless Archaeology Intern will learn invaluable skills for a rapidly changing interdisciplinary field.

Compensation is based in part by previous experience, but in every case is competitive with CRM positions in California.

This is a part-time position with a maximum of 30 hours per week. In addition to competitive pay and cutting-edge, on-the-job training with leaders in the discipline, successful internships may lead to positions at Codifi, or placements in firms that can benefit from all of your new skills.

If you are in school, we are willing to coordinate with your department to provide supporting documentation for internship credits, if available.

All participants will be given certificates of completion of the program, as outlined in our Learning Contract.

* there is no guarantee of future work or employment after the internship completes.


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Thanks for your interest and good luck!

Codifi Paperless Solutions is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees and interns.