What is Codifi?

Codifi is more than just software software, it is an ecological approach to data and media management built expressly for the demands of cultural and environmental resources. Over the past 25 years, we have come to realize that an effective system for digital heritage management needs a “from the ground up” rethinking.  There is a reason why, by our estimation, well over 90% of our industry is still fully paper-based. It is a very difficult challenge to overcome. But we are getting there.

With ever-changing technologies, recording policies, breakthroughs in methodologies, in an increasingly competitive vertical market, it is no wonder that a concentrated, vested effort to “solve paperless” has not been achieved until now. We believe that until we change the industry, there needs to be an organization solely dedicated to servicing it. We are that company.

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What We Do

Codifi Inc. will be a partner and service outpost during your transition to a paperless workflow. We can help with every aspect of the process of going paperless - consulting, procurement, provisioning, training, deployment, data processing, content management. There’s more to our engagement than just gear and efficiency.

Our greatest concern is the safety and security of your data, and this is why we have designed our entire company to take care of “all of the things” – hardware, software, training and service.

Codifi Inc. is a concierge company. We have your back. We have a fully operational virtual help desk that is available 24 hours a day, and during actual field deployments, we will put your calendar on ours and schedule regular check ins with your office staff, but also are available to provide virtual field support. This is how we roll.

Our Goals

Our core mission is to deliver the secure, paperless database application to record, archive, access, update, inform, and analyze information, while striving to improve workflow and communication. We started with archaeology and cultural resources, and now strive to make the transition to paperless a reality for any field of work. As a Benefit Corporation, Codifi is committed to ethical and responsible labor and sourcing - from start to finish.

When it comes to Codifi – hardware, software, training, ideas, questions – we are here to support all of it, and we won’t have it any other way. We want your paperless workflow to be a success as much as you do.

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Codifi aims to revolutionize field recording, document management, agency/community relations, lab and archival practices for a wide range of fields. Whether you are a Cultural Resources Firm, Museum, or Tribal group, we aim to align the Codifi system with your core values and mission to make paperless a reality for any approach. Working closely and iteratively through the design and development processes, we will together achieve something that has been outside the grasp of most firms, agencies, and organizations.


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It was amazing to have everything in sync and to be able to do pottery readings simultaneously with the excavation. Codifi saved us two more weeks at the end of the dig since we didn’t need to stay and re-write locus cards one by one manually. Everything is already on the iPads!
— Orit Peleg, Director at Horvat Midras, Israel
Codifi made it possible for 12 teams to simultaneously survey 8 square kilometers (2,000 acres) of varied terrain in the Jezreel Valley in Israel over three weeks, revealing over a thousand features, tens of thousands of artifacts, and an unprecedented quantity of prehistoric material in the region.
With Codifi, in just three hours with a crew of five people, we were able to complete detailed analysis of 65 artifacts, an entire barracks block. In past years that would have taken three days.
— Bonnie Clark - University of Denver. Director of the Amache archaeology project

The Codifi Team

We're Here to Help you Go Paperless

Michael Ashley President  

Michael Ashley



Christopher Sims Vice President

Christopher Sims

Vice President

We’re on a mission to change how we document our world by helping organizations let go of paper in exchange for sustainable digital practices that benefit society, business and our shared past and future.
— Michael Ashley, President


Michael Ashley: President

Christopher Sims: Vice President

Ruth Tringham: Director of Educational Technology


Sue Goranson: Chief Financial Officer


Michael Ashley, Ruth Tringham, Michael Jennings, Matthew Adams, Christopher Sims

Codifi, Inc. is a California B Corporation. Learn more here.


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