I want to go paperless, where do I start?

Going paperless can be a daunting task. You have a backlog of data on paper. You have tight budgets and timelines that make tough learning curves even steeper. But, you've already adopted plenty of other digital technologies (cameras, GPS, etc) and you're ready to take the next step. If your state is already available in the Codifi State Editions, you can start there and get to work now. If your state is still on our roadmap, or you need something a little different, we'll work with you to build a configurable Codifi solution specific to your unique needs.

Codifi Archaeology State Editions

Codifi Archaeology State Editions are vetted by state agencies (SHPO, OAHP, etc) for accuracy, compliance, and ease of submission. Your State Edition is the quickest way to go paperless. We know your work is more than just paperwork, so these feature-rich apps are geared to help you record anything. If your state isn't available yet, contact us to talk about our roadmap and we'll get you a paperless data solution that works for you in the meantime.

Codifi Custom Configurations

Codifi Custom Configurations are uniquely designed for you and your organization. The customized app integrates seamlessly with any of the State Editions, as well as the most trusted apps available. Value-added features like project management, administrative, logistics, and company-specific forms are what you can look forward to within this package. 


What's in the Educational version?

The Educational version of Codifi allows you to record anything and view all your data within app. You may add media, robust metadata, and document unlimited subjects. Codifi Education is recommended to academic researchers, field schools, students, and single-person projects, and is a great way to demo or trial Codifi. To export PDFs of state agency compliance forms, enable data sync, and export your data in a wide range of formats, upgrade to Codifi Core.


What do you mean, "no monthly subscriptions"?

We don't believe you should ever have to subscribe to your data. The initial price you pay grants to Codifi access for life. You simply pay a yearly Support & Maintenance fee to ensure you always have the newest, most up-to-date features and functionality. This fee also guarantees direct access to our customer service and tech support teams when you have questions or experience an issue.  You've overcome enough barriers to going paperless just to be here, so let's make sure your solution isn't another obstacle.


Any other questions?

Making sure our paperless data solutions fit your needs is our top priority. Send us any questions or comments, or connect to schedule a Discovery Session. We'll help you find your way on your paperless journey!