Hello California CRM firms!

We have great news to share with you. Codifi, Inc. is ready to help you eliminate all paper in your California fieldwork. Imagine all 12 DPR forms seamlessly generated, including sketch maps, location maps, photograph logs, continuation sheets, automatically created and ready for submission.

Announcing Codifi Concierge!

Codifi Tablets

No more cut/paste, find/replace, field/office, transcription/collation, shared thumb drives and Word files. What would that be like?

Codifi is now a full services company. We’ll provide all the hardware, training, secure software, and 24/7 field service you need to go paperless now.

Summer is finally here and fieldwork is ramping up, and we know you are feeling the pressure to do better sooner. We’re here to help and we’d love to show you how.

Visit https://www.codifi.com/ where our live support is standing by.

We can schedule a short demo to show you how Codifi will eliminate paper in fieldwork. You can schedule a time at your convenience on our calendar at https://calendly.com/codifi/30min/

Going paperless is a commitment, we get it, but it's more than software and gadgets.

We're here to help.